Why choose Prometheus as your Fashion Recruitment partner?

Why choose Prometheus as your Fashion Recruitment partner?

The mere difference between holding a recruitment drive by yourself, and choosing a recruitment agency to hire the best talents in the fashion industry is the transparency the agency provides in terms of experience. Moreover, the expectation level set up for each candidate to prove their potential is not something every recruitment agency provides.

Opting for Prometheus Consulting as a recruitment partner for fashion industry saves you time, money and effort that goes into it. That being said, we give you all the reasons to trust us as a hiring partner irrespective of the role…

We go into details

No matter if you are into Fashion, E-commerce, or Retail company, we stick to our way of working it out for you. Sorting through unqualified resumes that contribute to the pool of replies you receive upon a vacancy announcement; is the first step we take. Top recruitment agencies like ours, have a team of consultants who have years of experience and vast networks to screen the best candidates suitable for a job vacancy in Fashion and retail.

Our responsibility

Recruitment agencies hiring for the fashion industry understand your reason to trust them with responsibility. And that is the reason we fulfill all our responsibilities to make hiring hassle-free for you. Our key process includes… 

  • Performing proper research on the listed job profile
  • Screening each candidate profile and shortlisting only those suitable for the vacancy.
  • Talking to them first-hand to ensure they meet our client’s expectations
  • In-depth interview before recommending the candidate to the Client.

Customized hiring


The world having to go through a tough time doesn’t change the situation for us in any way. While Offline and face interviews are not possible at such a time, we ensure that our customized hiring process remains unaffected even during such circumstances. The team of hiring consultants at Prometheus conducts Online interviews through different channels, and find great candidates to work at organizations. 

With the conventional way of recruiting having to go through a massive change in the current scenario, the support extended from recruitment agencies to firms for hiring in the fashion retail industry is worth a try. So if you are looking for new opportunities or planning to hire candidates for your firm, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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