Why are soft skills an irreplaceable quality for you and your Team

As a part of your employment, the emphasis is always laid towards abilities, training, and knowledge of specific skill sets. Quite often than never soft skills aren’t mentioned as a part of workforce learning or experience, but you’d be mistaken if you felt they held no relevance. Whether you are an intern, have a part-time job in hospitality or retail, or a team lead already, soft skills prepare you for better opportunities in your career.

To understand why are soft skills important once you start your career, it’s important to know what they actually are. Soft Skills include human qualities such as communication, interaction, creativity, innovation, problem-solving, etc, so you can use them effectively at your workplace. Communication, for instance, ain’t just about how we talk to other human beings. It’s the way you convey matters to your team, colleagues or associates via a particular media like in-person communication, digital media, electronic media and so on.

Here’s why soft skills are important you for and your team…

Effective Communication

Any organizatio be it big, medium, small or a Startup never fails to encourage good communciations skills. At work, you need to hone your communication skills not only when engaged personally in a conversation, but also through emails as a person or a company. Knowing the difference between formal and informal communication is essential. And especially when you are a Team lead you need to effectively communicate goals and achievements to people around you or in a different time zone.

Innovation Drives

Consider a scenario where one member of your team innovates with technical skills and other is good at Execution. As a team lead both these people are important to you, but in a situaton where just one can receive a token of appreciation, whom would you choose? If you can’t work in a team utilising your innovative skills the organization you work for will never make it big. And we all know, we grow only when the firm grows.

Flexible to changes

In a rapidly progressing work environment being successful would mean being able to adapt to changes easily, like a mold. When employers are looking forward to promoting you, they won’t bother if someone like you would suit the profile. All they would consider is if you can take charge and move the job title beyond what it already is.

Decision Making

Consider this situation: You have assigned a task to three people in your team wherein they are supposed to conduct a workshop successfully. A technical fault occurs, but one of them handles the situation very well. Wouldn’t you consider recommending the teammate for another task?

Problem Solving

Like in a situation mentioned above, being able to make quick decisions and thinking on their own feet are important employee traits. The employees who display such soft skills are often candidates considered for promotion.

As much as soft skills might seem like something that comes complimentary with your job profile, in reality, it is one of those things that helped you bag the job. And it’s never too late to start working on these skills.

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