What can you do to increase job security during a Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned the world of jobs and employment upside down. There has emerged a great deal of uncertainty in most industries- Hospitality and Tourism topping the list. While there have been reports of a major decrease in the global job market, India seems to have a strong fight against the whole scenario.

Of course, you can’t control laying off an entire team, but there could be a few steps you could take to make yourself a candidate that is on the safer side. Here’s how you can start

Be Adaptable

Adapting to difficult situations shows how flexible you are. As a part of your job, you will be expected to meet the needs of changing circumstances and that is exactly what you’ll be analyzed for. Volunteer on taking tasks to help your employer succeed in uncertain times.

Go with the flow

With virtual meetings and the whole office-going population being totally dependent on the internet, you will be expected to do things you didn’t have to when going to your workplace. Consider this as an opportunity to demonstrate how flexible you are.

Lifelong Learner

Pandemic or no pandemic, there has always been a monitor to check your zeal to learn about new things. Working from Home saves your travel time and adds to help you learn quickly. If there’s any skill you had been wanting to work on for long, now may be the time to acquire it.


It is not easy to simply dwell into a Home-office space after years of a multi-departmental functioning office. And that’s why networking is important right now. You need to assure your teammates and your Team leader (if applicable) that all of you are in the same boat, making a positive impact in these times of uncertainty.

Make a surge in Soft Skills

Soft Skills are in great demand for employers during the lockdown. Empathy, communication, and team building can not only give people around you a good feeling but will also answer how to secure your job during the lockdown.

What we are going through and what’s going to happen may not be in our hands and it’s natural to crave for security and stability in such times. But we must try and put our best foot forward to strengthen our position in tough times.

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