Three Factors that Impact Executive Recruiting

Recruiting executives has never been as easy as it sounds. Despite what the common folks think, top talent doesn’t just jump from one company to another. Nor do brands want them because they take their existing companies to a level of success.

Selecting a person for an executive position needs a lot of research and networking. The recruiting team should make most of the resources available to find the best person for the job. One wrong decision could bring down the company and destroy the years of effort spent on building it. 

To be precise there are three main factors that impact executive hiring. When you get all three of them right, be assured that you have got the best candidate for a top-level position. 

Engage Existing Leaders 

Don’t limit the task to the recruiting team. The managers and team leaders of various departments are likely to have an extensive circle of friends and acquaintances who could be potential candidates for the executive position. 

Ask them to help you with the process of listing out eligible candidates. It is a time-consuming task, which not all of them want to be a part of. Don’t pressurize them to spend extra time or do something they don’t want to. 

Provide them with the exact keywords to filter their LinkedIn connections and list the names that come up in the search. If they are comfortable, you can ask them to make their LinkedIn network private for a while so that you can do the job yourself. Give them the choice.  

Research- Spread the Net Wide

Research doesn’t stop at looking at the competitors. While it does help, you want to see if you can choose someone even better, irrespective of the industry. 

Make a list of questions and note down the answers to each of them. Don’t rely on the existing job profile or the profile of the competitor. Prepare a new profile to add more dimensions to the current one. 

Give the task to the recruiting team with clear and specific instructions. Send mails with keywords for searches on various platforms. LinkedIn is not the only place to find a person for the executive position. Dive as deep as possible into the World Wide Web and tighten the net gradually. 

Get External Help

While you and your team are capable of finding the right person, outside help will make it easier and open doors to new avenues. 

Work with the executive hiring agencies, rather than handing over the task. Make them a part of your team. And if you have the resources, hire a specialist recruiter who handles only the specific executive positions. You might be surprised at the talent they’re connected with. 

Prometheus Consulting is one such executive hiring agency in Delhi which understands that getting a Leadership vacancy filled up ain’t easy. Their streamlined process helps meet client objectives in specialized hiring solutions.

Startup businesses may not have to delve as deep into the entire process of recruiting, but that doesn’t mean they can get away with hiring anyone who has a good profile. For a business to grow, the company needs the right kind of leader. Following the same steps within the boundaries of resources will provide opportunities to identify and recruit the right person.

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