The importance of Employee Retention in changing times and How to do it the right way

Testing times or not, companies are well aware of the resources, time, and effort they put in to induct a new member of the team. After having crafted an attractive job vacancy, browsed through various applications, and spent hours on a telephonic or face-to-face interview, you finally hire the best candidate. Most people tend to think the job is done. Well, if you ask us, we’d say Not really.

You see, the difficult part is yet to begin. Getting someone to join your firm is easy because while you are looking for the right person to fill in that position, candidates look for an opportunity for their career growth and the perks that come along with the position. So, the real challenge here is to get them to stick around. And that is why if you aren’t serious about employee retention as you are for Hiring, maybe you should rethink the times you’re living in. Here’s why employee retention matters as much as hiring…


Think of the time when you were looking to get someone onboard for an open position. There had to be interviews lined up for multiple rounds, and once the candidate was on board, the process of induction in multiple departments took another month or so. You put in so much to get someone on board for a job profile- effort and money, both. What needs to be kept in mind here is that no one performs the best immediately or within a couple of days of joining. So, if nothing, value all that you put in as a firm and allow the Hired to find an opportunity to prove himself/herself.


Think of all that time spent on hiring a candidate, and then training him/her. Maybe the candidate isn’t performing the best at present, but there could be a number of reasons for that. Don’t just give away that time for nothing, for hiring a new candidate will not be easy. You’ll have to spend probably more time training someone new.


When there’s a constant pressure to perform, even top-talents stop feeling connected at work. In such a situation it is highly likely that they would prefer switching when best recruiters are hiring. Without a really good employee retention rate, you’ll most likely be serving your best talents to others in a palette. So, make sure you support your employees in tough times, and while performance matters a big deal, remember, the situation is tough on all sides.


As simple as it’s ever been, happy employees never leave, even if they aren’t very satisfied with the firm, they prefer to stay back because they’d choose a good boss over anything else. Effective employee retention requires a very simple plan- quality engagement. Be it the usual company culture, or the current Telecommuting culture of working, your employees should know that you understand and care for them. Try being more flexible and credit them for staying put even in difficult times.

Is Hiring an easy process? No. Even when outsourced, top recruitment agencies do their best to help you find the right talent for a job vacancy. Be mindful of, and appreciate all the efforts you or they put in. It’s going to help the employee and firm in the long run

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