Remote Hiring during Covid-19 Lockdown: Things you Could Be Missing Out

With the uncertainty of the lockdown during to COIVD-19 pandemic, a lot of companies have begun the process of hiring remotely. While they are still struggling to find a way to balance their existing recruiting levels with the restrictions, candidates are also struggling. Yet, neither of them is taking a break.

Who knows whether the talent pool would be available by then or not? Though there may not be as many opportunities in the market, companies cannot sure that they will be able to recruit the best talent if they wait until after.

The Best Talent is Now Accessible

If the management can make a few changes to the hiring process and employees start recruiting from remote locations, it is in the best interest of the company to go ahead and hire new talent. The top cream talent, which isn’t usually available in the market, is now searching for opportunities. Steer them to your company instead.

Yes! Candidates are Searching for Jobs

Don’t make the mistake of deciding that candidates are not looking for jobs because of the pandemic. Just like everyone else, they are also making a few important decisions. Shifting jobs is one of them. The search for new jobs has increased during the last month. If the company is capable of handling the current economic situation, it should start remote hiring immediately and attract the best talent out there.

Don’t Ignore the Cost Advantage

One thing companies cannot forget is the amount of money involved in the recruiting process. By moving on to remote hiring, the cost of setting up the interview is almost nil. No one needs to travel from one place to another. The interviewer and the candidate will be in their respective houses, using their devices for the purpose.

Telephone and video interviews are easier to fix than face to face interviews. The interviewer has better a chance of interviewing more candidates remotely. While technology can be an issue at times, don’t let it come in the way of hiring the best during the lockdown.

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