Alumni Mentorship: Win-Win Business-Student

If you are a student, have you considered utilizing your Alma Mater’s resources (i.e. recent and upcoming grads) to find and develop talent for your organization? Have you always had a desire to mentor, but don’t know who to mentor? Or, maybe you are a grad looking for creative ways to network
An Alumni Mentoring Program can pair grads together with professionals that may be looking to recruit talent or have a desire to mentor. Our unique mentoring program helps students receive encouragement right from the start from those who have been through similar experiences. Whether the mentors are older students, alumni or young professionals, mentors can connect with young students and provide invaluable advice and guidance. They answer the real, everyday questions and can become an advocate for a student, often providing a more personal level of support than what is available from a busy college professional advisor. In today’s super-competitive work environment, your BUSINESS can’t afford NOT to have a business mentoring program. After all, the skills of your company’s executives and employees are your most valuable assets. If the experience is positive, Prometheus Consulting helps employers interview and hire students from a specific institution.

Advantages Of A Mentorship Programme

  • Corporate mentoring programs provide a means of cultivating those skills throughout your organization. This translates into talent retention (instead of turnover), happier employees and management, and a healthier bottom line (among other things)
  • Alumni mentor ship helps you “provide career guidance, encouragement during the academic program, advice on important course and field work, and opportunities to make professional contacts”
  • Alumni mentor ship also helps students build a strong bond and network with the colleague.\
  • Students have the opportunity to talk and visit with professionals who were once students in their shoes. They have the chance to ask questions, observe the workplace, and learn about a specific company.
  • These programs build ties with the employers of the participating alumni.