IT Recruiting: Top Skills to look for When Hiring for the IT sector in 2020

IT Recruiting: Top Skills to look for When Hiring for the IT sector in 2020

A new recruit in the IT sector or an experienced professional, with the way IT industry has grown in the past decade, it is important to keep pace with latest trends if you wish to place yourself as an asset to the firm. And to do that, you need to sharpen your IT skills so that you stay competitive, both- in your organization and the job market as well. 

Adapting and updating in such a time when telecommuting is the only way out makes it even more important to demonstrate your capabilities. As a top recruitment agency for IT in India, we observe that firms look for candidates who are able to adapt and upskill themselves easily. So what are the top skills recruiters look when hiring in IT industry?

Cloud Computing

This may have been on the plate for over five years now, but the use and impact on related technologies has changed drastically over time. In the wake of current scenario, recruiters from all sectors seek IT professionals who are well versed with this skill. Every field from healthcare, software, to e-commerce, retail shopping, and travel websites harness the power of cloud computing to make their products user friendly and improve customer satisfaction.


Artificial Intelligence has allowed companies in all sectors to change the way they work. As a tech professional, it is highly imperative that you have a good knowledge, if not a pro-level, of AI. A candidate with AI skills can be hired for roles that include AI research, Machine Learning, Supervised Learning, and familiar learning languages. Off late, AI has played a major role in handling healthcare needs during the pandemic. 

Analytical Reasoning

If you have even a starter’s knowledge in the IT industry, you’d agree that data is everything here. But once you have the data or used it for fair deal, what do you do with it? Candidates who have the ability to mix problem solving with innovation may have a chance to fair better than the others. Top recruiters in IT industry mark Analytical Reasoning as a must-have for candidate hiring process.

Team Management

A present day at work today has seen a drastic change as compared to six months back. Gone are those days when managing people through team meetings and building was a thing. The new standard as set globally requires you to be as motivational on a virtual platform, while engaging your team throughout. Communicative skills have become more important than ever. So IT professionals at leadership level should be adaptive towards coaching, and support team while working towards a common goal.

These skills come in handy irrespective of the specialization you wish to work for like UI/UX Design, App development, Coding, or whatsoever. Whether you are a professional looking forward to make a switch or a firm looking for the right candidate in an IT profile, Prometheus Consulting specializes in placing you it the right business. 

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