Information Technology (IT) Industry Recruitment

We are a well known consulting company with a large global network to find candidates for various roles across the hierarchy. The IT industry is ever-changing with new skills being in demand as companies adapt to new technologies.

As one of the leading IT recruiting agencies, Prometheus Consulting has a vast database of candidates with an array of skills and qualifications. Our years of experience in managing profiles has made us a reliable and trustworthy company among the countless IT recruiting firms that have been cropping up frequently in the market.

Whether it is for a temporary job or a permanent one, we know how to sort and filter our database to shortlist the right candidates for the job and the organization. The prerequisite of IT staffing agencies is to have a strong and diverse talent pool from which enterprises can choose candidates for their business. From a Web Developer to a Tester to a Programmer, we have eligible candidates with expertise and abilities to handle the task effectively.

Our recruiters have decades of experience in dealing with the specific requirements of different companies. Unlike other Information Technology staffing agencies, we don’t simply hand over a list of names. We thoroughly screen the candidates and also provide assistance to the companies in choosing eligible ones.

Front end, back end, entry-level or top-level management roles- we screen candidates who can fill all roles and handle responsibilities without fuss. Being one of the reputed Technology staffing firms, we have a special database for top-level roles, where candidates showcase excellent leadership and mentoring skills and are capable of leading an organization from the front.

The main aim of hiring worthy candidates and reducing the time taken for the same is achieved when organizations rely on Prometheus Consulting, one of the best IT recruitment agencies in the industry.

To make sure the company hires only the best candidates who can adjust and be a part of different work environments, contact no other IT staffing companies except us.

  • Senior IT Management
  • IT Business Analysis
  • IT Project and Program Management
  • IT Systems and Testing
  • IT Support Services
  • IT Development
  • IT Data Analysis
  • ERP System Management
  • Systems Administration
  • IT Architecture
  • Networks and Security
  • Senior Technical
  • Business Intelligence
  • CIO / CTO
  • IT Governance
  • IT Risk, Compliance
  • IT Audit
  • Technology Consultancy

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