Fashion And Retail Industry Recruitment

Prometheus Consulting is a global Fashion and Retail recruitment agency That Provides its Clients With Best In Class Recruitment & Training Solutions.

Be it a luxury managerial position or a design trainee, we offer tailored solutions to suit all your fashion and Retail recruitment needs, under one roof. Our experience as apparel industry recruiters enables us to build a network of talented workforce which could be perfectly suited for a position a position at your firm.

Recognizing that most jobs today are demanding, and there are hardly any simple positions to fill. Talented people are complex in ways that can’t always be identified in a resume or portfolio.

At Prometheus, we’re are a team of experienced retail recruitment consultants, who look into every job requirement deeply, since Hiring for Retail industry can be a challenging task when it comes to time consumption. We match the right candidate to your role requirement, and are considered as one of the top fashion recruitment agencies in India and abroad.  

Our Expertise involves the following, but we don’t believe in limiting ourselves only to these. As a Retail and Fashion recruitment agency, we push ourselves daily to make hiring easier for you as an organization…

At Prometheus we’re experts in knowing talent and fashion. Our Expertise Is The Following But Is Not Limited To

  • Design
  • Product Development
  • Fabric and Color
  • Technical Design
  • CAD and Graphic Design
  • Textile and Print Design
  • Production and Sourcing
  • Planning & Buying
  • Merchandising
  • Wholesale and Retail Sales

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Prometheus Consulting Is A Global Recruitment Agency That Provides Its Clients Best In Class Recruitment & Training Solutions

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