Employer Branding Statistics that every company must know

Employer branding is a modern concept and it is very essential for all businesses. As it shows a company’s reputation as an employer and what organizations offer to their workers. Positive employer branding assists to engage and retain the best talent who is vital to the growth of the firm.

Here are six facts and statistics that every company must know about job seekers

64% of workers leave their job

There can be many reasons behind this trend such as insecurity, lack of autonomy, no opportunity for growth in their career, not being appreciated or recognized, bad relation with management or colleagues. When the workforce does not use their skills properly at workplaces, they face failures and lack of confidence.

Therefore, retaining the best talent is as challenging as hiring a new one. As retaining current workers is cost-effective and less time consuming than recruiting new candidates. So, many companies started improving their strategies to retain their best talent in their firms.

69% of the workforce do their best if get recognition

Workers who feel appreciated at their work areas would not hesitate to do extra work for their organization. So, companies started appreciating their workers for increasing productivity at workplaces.

84% of candidates first check the reputation of firm

Of course, a company’s reputation is important as all candidates first search the company’s profile online while making a decision on where to apply for a job.

50% of job seekers don’t work for a company whose reputation is poor

In order to attract the best talent, companies need to improve their reputation by designing an engaging career page, giving strong job descriptions.

92 % of workers can change their job if they get job of higher level

Most of the employees would quit their job if they get a chance to work at a managerial level with a company whose reputation is excellent.

9 out of 10 aspirants apply for a job if a company’s employer brand is actively maintained

Employer’s brand is the top priority for all aspirants that is why they check the social sites and their websites to check the brand value. If they are satisfied with the company’s brand they apply, otherwise they find another organization for work.

Therefore, it is mandatory for companies to maintain their employer brand by responding to reviews and messages as well as giving job seekers an engaging preview of their work environment.

Overall, employer branding is significant for all companies, especially recruitment agencies for attracting top candidates and retaining quality employees who are very crucial for the growth of their firms.

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