7 steps Leaders can take to motivate their teams amidst this crisis.

Novel Coronavirus has brought a list of challenges and obstacles that we couldn’t anticipate. The Lockdown to curb the spread of the COVID-19 virus has affected businesses all over the world. So, in times of crisis, it’s best for leaders to help their teams to be productive, engaged, inspired, and supported. Here’s a list of […]

Are you the Leader people need in these times of change?

They say change is the only constant. But does it hold true for all situations? Change, rather an unexpected change isn’t something that companies and employees simply embrace. Adapting to changes at your workplace or a new workplace all together is a skill that recruiters look for.In a situation when the whole world is dealing […]

What can you do to increase job security during a Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned the world of jobs and employment upside down. There has emerged a great deal of uncertainty in most industries- Hospitality and Tourism topping the list. While there have been reports of a major decrease in the global job market, India seems to have a strong fight against the whole scenario. […]

Remote Hiring during Covid-19 Lockdown: Things you Could Be Missing Out

With the uncertainty of the lockdown during to COIVD-19 pandemic, a lot of companies have begun the process of hiring remotely. While they are still struggling to find a way to balance their existing recruiting levels with the restrictions, candidates are also struggling. Yet, neither of them is taking a break. Who knows whether the […]

Employer Branding Statistics that every company must know

Employer branding is a modern concept and it is very essential for all businesses. As it shows a company’s reputation as an employer and what organizations offer to their workers. Positive employer branding assists to engage and retain the best talent who is vital to the growth of the firm. Here are six facts and […]

Three Factors that Impact Executive Recruiting

Recruiting executives has never been as easy as it sounds. Despite what the common folks think, top talent doesn’t just jump from one company to another. Nor do brands want them because they take their existing companies to a level of success. Selecting a person for an executive position needs a lot of research and […]

Why are soft skills an irreplaceable quality for you and your Team

As a part of your employment, the emphasis is always laid towards abilities, training, and knowledge of specific skill sets. Quite often than never soft skills aren’t mentioned as a part of workforce learning or experience, but you’d be mistaken if you felt they held no relevance. Whether you are an intern, have a part-time […]

Can You Trust A Recruitment Consultant? Find Out Here!

It’s a competitive world out there, and one has to be careful when dealing with recruiting agencies. There have been many instances where people get duped by fake recruitment companies and consultants. Even the ones with years of work experience have been shocked to find out that the agency they trusted was not genuine. You […]