IT Recruiters: Have you considered a (good) Recruitment agency for post-COVID hiring?

IT Recruiters: Have you considered a (Good) Recruitment agency for Post- Covid Hiring?

Talent acquisition has been a very demanding task since the beginning. In the past couple of months ever since the lockdown started affecting industries and jobs, IT was one amongst the least affected as most employees got an opportunity to continue their jobs from home, safely. However, in the wake of Coronavirus, recruiting leaders and […]

RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) Life Cycle

The recruitment process is the most important stage for any firm as employee can help companies to succeed. But, it is very time-consuming process that is why big companies hire recruitment firms for outsourcing which is called Recruitment Process Outsourcing. Prometheus Consulting uses the following hiring-cycle to find the best talent for the organization. We […]

Woman Entrepreneur: Movies to Watch for a Good Dose of Motivation

Every time you watch a movie, the story tends to remain to stay in your mind, even if it’s hard for another half an hour. But for a movie or a series that you watch and come to think of it as a life lesson or a lesson to be learned- the movie is nothing […]

Behind Work scenes: Factors that could be impacting your job satisfaction

Every time there is a concern raised on employee engagement at work, it is found that while 20 percent of them enjoy being engaged on all activities apart from their core responsibilities, eighty percent are not. According to a survey by Michael Page’s Job Index, while India seems to have improved a lot on this […]

Top benefits of hiring through recruitment agency

In the cut-throat competitive era, finding the best talent is very tedious and expensive. This is why many big organizations started hiring recruitment agency for filling job positions. As staffing agencies are experienced and they have a pool of the best candidates who can help in the growth of an organization. If you are thinking […]

Employment Insights From Hospitality Industry in India Post Covid-19 Lockdown

There’s no denying the fact that the COVID-19 lockdown has affected each and every industry in some way or the other. However, the kind of effect it has had on the Tourism and Hospitality industry was pretty much unheard of. The cases are rising every day, and though we have a decent success rate of […]

Work Stress or Depression: How to identify and Overcome it

If you have been feeling or dealt with it in the past, you would know how overwhelming stress can be. Work stress can be good if it motivates you to perform better but can be equally bad if it hinders your ability to perform. While a lot of factors contribute to the work stress you […]

Salary Hike During A Lockdown: Is it Wrong to Expect One?

In general, if there were anything affecting your confidence level in a not-so-good-way we would have advised you to fight it really hard, lest it costs you big time. But we are no more in usual times, are we? Territories have been locked down and with an economy that’s at its lowest in the past […]