Can You Trust A Recruitment Consultant? Find Out Here!

It’s a competitive world out there, and one has to be careful when dealing with recruiting agencies. There have been many instances where people get duped by fake recruitment companies and consultants. Even the ones with years of work experience have been shocked to find out that the agency they trusted was not genuine.

You have every right to be wary of recruitment agencies, especially when it is difficult to differentiate between genuine and fake ones. But, by asking a few questions and observing the conversations you have with the agents, you can identify the authenticity of the agency.

Details of the Consulting Firm

A legitimate firm or agency will never hide any of the details related to the firm. Be it the office address, email, active website, social media pages, etc., the firm will be more than willing to share information with you. Cross-check, visit the office, talk to others to see if they have heard about the firm. All said and done using the power of social media to check their genuineness.

Recruitment Fee

Most recruitment agencies don’t charge you for shortlisting a profile for you unless they are customizing something for you on your request. If any agency asks you for any sort of payment, it’s a huge red flag. Avoid that agency.

Sharing Client Information

There may be certain things the agency may not be at liberty to share with you like the client’s detailed information. Nevertheless, it will not refrain from providing you with the basic information. The links to the website, company profile, active social media accounts, etc. are some details you should ask for. If the agency refuses to share them or provide you with little or no information about the client, be sure that things are not right.

Job Profile and Your Preferences

A recruiting firm aims to assist you in finding the job of your choice. The agency should be able to match your preferences with the job profiles and suggest the ones that would grab your attention. If the agency doesn’t know about the specifications of a job or is not interested in your choices, but keeps pushing random offers at you, they are just looking forward to mint money.

Constructive Feedback

A recruiting consultancy will help you in modifying your resume to make a favorable impression on the client company. The consultancy will also update you about your chances of being selected and will help you analyze where things went wrong if you don’t get the job.

The agency should be willing to share the salary details with you. Above all, trust your instinct. When something feels off or fishy, it usually is.

Prometheus Consulting is a recruitment agency that believes in one size does NOT fit all. It helps you customize your resume and accordingly proposes a job for you.

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