Behind Work scenes: Factors that could be impacting your job satisfaction

Every time there is a concern raised on employee engagement at work, it is found that while 20 percent of them enjoy being engaged on all activities apart from their core responsibilities, eighty percent are not. According to a survey by Michael Page’s Job Index, while India seems to have improved a lot on this front, there is no denying the fact that there is still scope for improvement. All hail recruitment agencies, for their constant effort and customized hiring solutions, seem to have produced a better employee-employer relationship in India.

As much as it is a part of the employer’s responsibility to improve employee engagement at work, is the employee’s will to participate. Let’s find out the factors affecting your job satisfaction other than work…


Quite often an employee feels valued when they get an opportunity to display their leadership skills as well. If not in your work profile, take an opportunity beyond that to display your leadership skills, like an inter-department match or a Marketing event.


It is no news that routine work gets boring once a while and that, also tends to create job dissatisfaction. Take a break from your repetitive day and indulge in something creative, like pepping up your workstation, or adding a few other elements to your bay.


Off late, most companies have put up a recreation zone to help employees de-stress; which is an appreciated move. However, what these companies don’t real0ise is that they need to provide good tech support too for the employees to innovate, like updated PCs, good internet, and regular interaction sessions.

Company or the Boss

Once a candidate is on board, the journey he or she takes in a firm to grow is often decided by the reporting Boss. The Boss could have very good or average leadership skills, but it’s important for you to be flexible. Learn what you should and let go of what you cannot change. That will only improve your chances of having job satisfaction.

Increased responsibilities

As mentioned earlier, sticking to a routine makes it boring to cope with work. You tend to lose creativity and the day tends to get monotonous not allowing fresh ideas to cross your mind. Try adding responsibility to your schedule. A change helps you look forward to the day, ultimately giving you job satisfaction, you desire.

There are no definite elements to improve job satisfaction. It varies from one employee to the other. But as employers, one must go a little extra mile to know what could be lacking for an employee to feel happy at work.

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