Are you the Leader your colleagues look forward to? Let These Assessment Tools Find Out…

You may hold a good number of accolades that state your qualities as a leader, but how do you know if you are the leader your colleagues look forward to?

Understanding and acknowledging your strengths and weaknesses as an Executive can only help you be a good leader. You definitely would have come across people who would have clapped for a decision or said they expected better from you. Undergoing a round of assessments may seem like a futile attempt to tell you what you already know about yourself. However, these assessment tools help you analyze where you lag and how can you work on improving your leadership skills.

The Leadership Circle

When you hold a position where people are answerable to you, there are two domains that matter a lot- Leadership competency and Reactive competency. The Leadership Circle is an assessment tool that delivers a powerful scan of your leadership abilities, of how your reactive tendencies can be turned into creative tendencies.

Energy Leadership Index Assessment

A unique perspective on self-awareness and emotional intelligence the EDI Assessment gives you an insight into what percentage of key skills do you practice as a leader. Situational awareness and constructive criticism are important for a leader to appropriately respond to people they are in charge of.


When working as a leader, your most important asset is your team. As a leader, it is imperative that you maintain a healthy, vibrant, warm and welcoming culture to show your employees that you care about them. TINYpulse is a brilliant way to keep your team members engaged and the anonymity motivates them to use the tool freely.

The Passion Profiler

One of the most valid and reliable passion identification tools in the market, the Passion Profiler assesses an individual’s expression of purpose as work-related passion. These built-in passions simulate you to learn new skills, think creatively and grow as a leader. Because leaders are expected to build stronger and more innovative teams, they should be better equipped to inspire their teams to deliver outstanding results, and that is what the Passion Profiler helps you with.

Leadership Blind Spots

Let’s face it as much as we like to believe we know ourselves the best, we tend to overlook some of our weaknesses. These “blind spots” are especially dangerous they make leaders proceed in ignorance. Princeton Management Consulting team has come up with a Blind Spot Assessment to help identify blind spots in yourself, your team, and the sector you work in.

If research is to be believed Emotional Quotient is twice as important as IQ and technical skills for successful leadership. While there are a number of tools to determine EQ for a leader and the team, you can try this free assessment tool for EQ by IHHP.

Leadership Assessment Tools may give you an insight into areas where you need to focus more as a leader, and reinforce your skills. The results may or may not surprise you, but they’ll definitely inspire you to work on how to be a good leader to your team.

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