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Ajey Chaudhary

Ajey Chaudhary

Ajey Chaudhary has diverse experience in Global Talent Acquisition, specializing in attracting talent for fortune 500 companies. He is currently heading the Recruitment function for Prometheus Consulting. He takes keen interest in Photography, biking and reading in his spare time.



Do you think Hiring is easy? Here’s a breakdown of what goes behind closing a job vacancy.

There’s a lot that goes into the process of Hiring. In an endeavor to get the best, recruitment firms shortlist around 200-250 portfolios for a job profile. It doesn’t take the hiring manager more than a couple of seconds to screen through them because not all of these resumes tend to be on-point. Out of the screened resumes, only 2 percent of candidates are called for an interview and one gets the Offer.




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When your dream company offers a job though your heart leaps with joy, you can’t help but ask yourself if it’s the  right job for you. Your decision will affect the next couple of years of your work experience, career, work-life balance, and a great deal of your routine. That’s a breakdown of what goes behind closing a job vacancy.


Take these five points into consideration before you accept that job offer.



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It’s a competitive world out there, and one has to be careful when dealing with recruiting agencies. There have been many instances where people get duped by fake recruitment companies and consultants. Even the ones with years of work experience have been shocked to find out that the agency they trusted was not genuine. 

You have every right to be wary of recruitment agencies, especially when it is difficult to differentiate between genuine and fake ones. But, by asking a few questions and observing the conversations you have with the agents, you can identify the authenticity of the agency. 

Details of the Consulting Firm

A legitimate firm or agency will never hide any of the details related to the firm. Be it the office address, email, active website, social media pages, etc., the firm will be more than willing to share information with you. Cross-check, visit the office, talk to others to see if they have heard about the firm. All said and done using the power of social media to check their genuineness.

Recruitment Fee

Most recruitment agencies don’t charge you for shortlisting a profile for you unless they are customizing something for you on your request. If any agency asks you for any sort of payment, it’s a huge red flag. Avoid that agency. 

Sharing Client Information

There may be certain things the agency may not be at liberty to share with you like the client’s detailed information. Nevertheless, it will not refrain from providing you with the basic information. The links to the website, company profile, active social media accounts, etc. are some details you should ask for. If the agency refuses to share them or provide you with little or no information about the client, be sure that things are not right. 

Job Profile and Your Preferences

A recruiting firm aims to assist you in finding the job of your choice. The agency should be able to match your preferences with the job profiles and suggest the ones that would grab your attention. If the agency doesn’t know about the specifications of a job or is not interested in your choices, but keeps pushing random offers at you, they are just looking forward to mint money. 

Constructive Feedback 

A recruiting consultancy will help you in modifying your resume to make a favorable impression on the client company. The consultancy will also update you about your chances of being selected and will help you analyze where things went wrong if you don’t get the job. 

The agency should be willing to share the salary details with you. Above all, trust your instinct. When something feels off or fishy, it usually is. 

Prometheus Consulting is a recruitment agency that believes in one size does NOT fit all. It helps you customize your resume and accordingly proposes a job for you.

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An employee is responsible for the growth of his/her career in any organization. If you want to boost your career, you will have to talk about your achievements. As long as it doesn’t sound like you’re bragging, go ahead and take pride in your hard work.

Self-promotion does play a vital role in advancing your career. There are certain opportunities where you can talk about your achievements and show the management of your talents. Meetings with the team, annual reviews, offsite events, project meetings, and discussions are some of the best instances to showcase your achievements without bragging.

You can always talk about yourself without stepping over the limit line. Here’s how you can do it.


Start Early


• The right time to talk about your achievements is during the recruitment interview. When you have years of experience and tons of knowledge to go with it, you should make it a point to talk about them and get an advantage over other candidates.

• Just keep in mind that you don’t overemphasize your achievements. Talk about your work on a project when the topic arises. Let the focus be on the work you did and the results it delivered.


Don’t Use Comparisons


•The sure way to sound like you are bragging is by comparing your skills with others. Don’t ever do that. Stick to talking about your strengths, instead of others. When you are working in the same industry, possess similar sets of skills, and have a common goal, comparisons will not help you.


Appreciate Others’ Achievements


•When working on a team, it is essential to appreciate others’ efforts. When you accept that you are not the only one responsible for the success of the project, it will show you in a better light. This will give you the advantage of talking about your role as you mention their achievements. Others will recognize your strength in handling a team and being good at it.


Don’t Be Vague


•When you have to talk about your achievements, make sure you stick to the facts. Substantiate your achievements with solid facts and figures. Be direct, make it authentic, and use the power of facts to highlight your achievements.


And remember to be thankful for your achievements. A little humility can go a long way in impressing others. You will be promoting not just your skills but your entire self this way.


Prometheus Consulting is one of the best recruitment agencies in India that help you realize your achievements. You can get in touch with them if you are looking for a change!  

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It’s in the news over and over again. Indigenous leaders from all around the world are asking citizens to stay home and stay safe. India did remain unscathed for a while, but then our people started coming home from abroad and that is when the chain started. The fear of a global pandemic has affected the jobs and labor industry substantially.  

Millions of citizens quarantined and a good lot locked within their homes has directly affected the Travel and Business industry. In China, workers are asked not to come to work or if at all they show up they are to do so with a Medical certificate. With factories locked down, production schedules have lowered and there is a shortage of products expected. China is the second-largest economy in the world. With factories idle and workers unable to continue a global ripple effect may take place. 

Say, for example, iPhone’s manufacturing unit based out of China hasn’t seen any Operations for more than two weeks, resulting in a reduction of Sales and revenue for Apple. Now multiply the same by thousands for other companies. If the outbreak keeps growing at the same rate, it is quite possible that organizations may start downsizing to cut costs and survive through troubling times.

The global business impact of the virus spread is already being felt in many parts, with the world scrambling to control its spread. Australia is still reeling from shockwaves while other European countries observe a complete lockdown. 

Talking of India, the China-originated virus has so far affected the Manufacturing and Exports sector that includes Electronics, Textiles, and chemicals. The govt is indeed taking necessary measures to protect the Indian economy from threat, but it is probably too early to say if the jobs sector is going to be hit. Let’s be optimistic here. Assuming that people from around the globe will listen and standby authorities, the virus will remain dormant and last for a while until when the scientists find a cure. 

Prometheus Consulting is one of the top-rated recruitment firms in India, and we understand the pain of having to go through a job crisis with no fault of yours. Watch this space for more updates on the jobs sector.

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The percentage of women in the talent pipeline may have observed a hike in the past three decades, but the gender gap is still seen from entry-level to top-executive positions. Significant strides have been made in creating more gender-inclusive work environments, and yet there’s a lot to be done when it comes to including women in managerial and leadership roles.

To shed some light on how gender inclusiveness can help organizations grow, here are a few advantages that women leaders bring to the table

1. Flexibility to workplace

Time has proved that women as managers bring in several positive changes allowing team members to learn and grow with each other. These positive changes allow employers to address issues like helping employees maintain a healthy work-life balance. Flexibility (childcare, work from home, elder care, etc.) comes as a product of a healthy work-life balance for both males and females and was hardly heard of before women entered the workforce.

2. Problem Solving

When we brainstorm with people of different genders, sexual orientations, and ethnicities we tend to work better. In a study when researchers asked top leaders about ways to increase the effectiveness of their workplace, they answered that the organization needs to start creating transparency and attention to promote women as Leaders to provide an outstanding base for the organization to grow.

3. Building Trust

Trust is quite a fragile thing in today’s high-visibility world, which easily implies that it’s become more important than ever to ensure that a company and its leaders act in an ethical manner. A senior Talent Acquisition executive at a renowned MNC mentioned that for any initiative, return om reputation- values and beliefs as an organization is as important, if not more so, as return on investment. By integrating and advancing both soft and hard skills, female leaders fuel the organization itself and drive sustainable growth.

4. Effective communication

Remember when Moms used to celebrate our birthdays with colorful ribbons and balloons? Mine would personally write a two-line invitation for all my friends. If experts are to be believed, women are great communicators as they respond more effectively to visual, verbal and emotional factors than men. A number of times it’s been observed that female employees aren’t comfortable talking about issues as freely to male bosses. Women leaders encourage team members to share their issues, advising them to encourage teamwork while maintaining professionalism.

5. Mentoring

Mentorship and nominations can be incredibly important for career growth and job satisfaction, so having an increased supply for any company can leave its employees on the edge. While studies have shown women having a more difficult time finding mentors, it is also observed that women make better mentors as compared to men.

A few decades back leadership was seen as masculine behavior. People have a notion that men make effective leaders. Maybe, they do. However, women leaders are more intuitive, understanding, persuasive, and work collaboratively to handle a team. There’s a fine line between being Authoritative and Participative as a leader. Women know how to juggle between the two.

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Tuesday, 17 April 2018 05:30

Importance of Diversity in recruitment

Benefits of Hiring Female Employees:

A research-oriented study by the International Finance Corporation discloses that including more and more women to the workforce in companies not only assist to protect their human rights but it is great for the business as well. The research has reported the listed advantages that are attained from hiring women in distinct industries across the globe:

•   An Access to The Commendable Talents Available:

The enormous number of prospective experts to sheath the vacancies has thoroughly increased from the lower skilled degree to the executive positions.

•   Ameliorations in Relation to Innovation and Productivity:

There is an increasing proof that the coexistence of women and men in similar surrounding accounts for a creative squad or team. Diversity is a major key to the operations conducted by the organizations.

•   Helps in Creating Strong Team Dynamics:

In a company, women frequently possess the efficient skills so as to unite the folks and garner the proposals and opinions. This is a competition that favours the generation of the teams, further optimization, and participation in the decision-making activity.

•   Reduction in The Staff Turnover and Generation of Long-Term Relationships:

In contrary to the men, the general majority of the women can be multi-focused and multi-tasking. Thus, the companies can take a decision to be supportive regarding training with respect to hiring staff for the open positions or vacancies.

•   Ensures Better Work Environment:

Women can highly relate to the appreciation and empathy for the others as they are generally focused on the individuals and requirements. Their exceedingly great willingness to strike a conversation and receive feedback helps in solving issues.

Though the working population in relation to women represent just forty percent of the total global workforce where most of them move ahead to begin their own business. The International Labour Organisation has estimated that about half of the productive potential of the women is unutilized that is forty-eight percent in comparison to twenty-two percent of the men.

Investing in the calculated initiative which supports the women at work is a situation that is constituted as a “win-win” situation since the employers, as well as employees, garner a real advantage. About one-third of the organizations that invested in the programs in the developing or emerging countries have ameliorated their advantages where thirty-eight percent expect earnings, in accordance with the survey performed by Mc Kinsey.

While some are said to be short-term advantages like a distinct level of stated absenteeism or reducing turnover, others are said to be long-term benefits which relate to earnings, corporate image, enticing higher innovation levels, and talent.

Hiring a good number of women assures that the workforce of the company is a thorough representative of their client base providing great knowledge on the preference of the consumer. Moreover, the population of the women worldwide impact up to eighty percent of the considerable decision related to purchase.

Private sector portrays almost nine out of ten jobs in the developing countries which play a basic role. Companies with higher women presence than men are a rarity despite the advancement made in relation to the equality of gender. In most of the industries like construction, mining, and energy, women share a minor position than men.

Few of the analysts approximately predict that the upcoming revolution in the economy might come across as a result of the particular role played by the women in the market and the business umbworld since the dynamics of the business are enhanced greatly with the female worker's incorporation.

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Fashion JobsBuild A Nexus Between the Consumer and Retailer:

Often behind the brightness of glamour world and trances of fashion fiesta, you forget to recognise the real figures associated with creating the most desirable and loud vogue reigning the world of fashion. We all are used to seeing the onscreen supermodels and celebutante fashion designers but never let ourselves realise the basic fact that there is another world behind this colourful entity which are the actual pillars of the fashion world. They are the basic makers and manufacturers very deeply associated with fashion jobs. They are the raw material suppliers, the merchandisers, the small structural designers, the tailors, the fabric dyers, the transporters, the publishers and the advertisers and finally the retailers, all of them play the role of a bridge between the exporters, buyers, and consumers. So, the story of fashion jobs does not only limit itself to a small entity of designers, models, and trendsetters. There are a lot of figures, factors, duties, and responsibilities which work together to build up a brand or to make a brand famous and popular within the consumer world.

Fashion Jobs Help You to Become the Anchor of Upcoming Style and Trend:

The role of every off-screen manufacturer is important for the new fashion or to set a brand name in the market. Ranging from the quality of the thread to manufacturing it into a proper dress with impeccable stitching, desirable design, eco-friendly colour dyeing of the cloth, and promoting it in the market through proper advertisement and transporting it to the retailer, all counts on building a good name of any brand. Members associated with fashion jobs must understand the demand of the consumer. In fact, size and choice of colour is also a big factor which employees in fashion jobs must keep in mind. Remember, since you are a pivotal anchor of the new vogue you cannot skip the smallest of the details that a buyer demands or a consumer requires. Most importantly, you must have a proper knowledge about the market economy and the power to analyse the buying capacity or the demand in the requirement of the market. And having a lucid knowledge of these characters of the market would lead to profit or help to build up the brand fame quickly.

Among All Other Fashion Jobs, Merchandiser Plays A Big Role:

The merchandising department is the interface between marketing and production departments. Many times, merchandising department takes care of costing and pricing of apparels. Merchandisers act as protagonists in the apparel industry as they take care of various responsibilities like external and internal communication between the exporter, buyer, retailer, and consumer. Other than this, it does sampling, lab dips, accessories and trims, preparing internal order sheets and purchase orders, advising and assisting in production, advising the quality department about maintenance of quality level, giving and following shipping instructions, helping the documentation department extensively, shouldering the responsibility for inspections and finally following the shipment to its destination.

So, now you can understand that the more enchanting, attractive, valuable and indeed famous a brand is the more vigorous hard work has been incorporated behind it by different members who are into the arena of fashion jobs.


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Friday, 07 October 2016 11:59

Top Hiring Trends in India

Emerging trends in Recruitment industry

“Great vision without great people is irrelevant.”

-Jim Collins

Getting the right person on-board is indispensable for growth of an organization.  Staffing industry is getting increasingly dynamic and transactional in recent times for solutions like providing corporate training, pay-roll processing, recruitment process outsourcing.

With Elimination of obsolete laws, regulations and administrative structures, Opening up of new sector like Aviation and retail etc for FDI, The Indian success story has just began.

As the economy will grow, companies will face an increasing challenge of hiring the right talent. Coupled with the shrinking HR budgets the HR managers and business owners will find it more and more difficult to hire the right talent without loosing focus on their core strategic function.

With a huge focus on “Make in India” by our Prime Minister Mr. Modi attracting the right talent and cultivating it becomes imperative for manufacturing companies. As beautifully stated by Ashley Salvador in one of her blog “After all, who needs quality, qualified employees more than industries with complex and technical products”

Business leaders believe that where on one hand they need to focus toward attracting the talent toward the organization as an employer of choice, they also need to stay focused on their core objective of providing their customers and client the best product and services. In recent times we’ve observed that the outsourcing certain monotonous and time can resource consuming transactional HR process are driven by the top management.

Recruitment Process outsourcing (RPO) specialists are increasingly making use of social media and analytics to deliver both efficiency and experience to their clients. RPO companies specialising in certain niche sector like Pharma, Publication and Media, Fashion and apparel have a huge network and deep conncetion with the active and passive job seekers, since they are industry specific, they are in a better position to provide the job seeker a better matchning position based on his/her proirities and on the other hand they help employers hire a candidates whos preferences are in line with them thus creating a better retension and a win win situation to all.

Employee Referrals will grow and companies will rely more and more toward recruiting new hires through employee referrals. This enables companies to hire talent who are better aligned with the on job expectations, it also help company source passive job seekers who otherwise will never be available in the talent pool through the conventional recruiting process.

Data will drive recruitment. Like all other business decision, companies will effectively use data analysis to track the most effective and efficient sourcing and selection methods. With the help of Big Data, it will become possible for the employers to target, may be the right company, a particular location, or an experience level to get the best out of their sourcing efforts. Effective use of data will add another dimension to the recruitment strategy which was previously un know to the HR manager.

Automation of certain recruitment process will increase. With the disruptive technologies like Chatbot (which as per Mya can automate 75% of recruitment processes) Asynchronous Video conferencing, Online assessments, Applicant tracking systems etc. will help the Talent acquisition teams to consolidate and focus on more intelligent tasks.

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Employer brand is the term commonly used to describe an organization's reputation as an employer.

A company has a reputation to protect towards its customers, its product, services it delivers. But it also has a reputation as an employer of choice.

Attracting and retaining the best talent in an envoirnment of more job shoppoers then job seekers, employer branding plays a crucial role in determining the companies success. As per LinkedIn report, A strong talent brand reduces the cost per hire by 50% and lowers the turnover rates by 28%.

Infact 78% of Indian professionals mentioned they consider the employers reputation as a place to work, co-workers and recognition before cosidering an offer, which together can be accounted as an Employer Brand.

Where Indian HR leaders significantly belive that it affects the quality of hire, there is very little that is done to enhance their companies image as an employer.

Where compensation and competetion to hire the best talent is so stiff in job market, Employer brand plays a crucial role in towards attracting human capital.

Social media and employer brand focused sites like facebook and glassdoor have made the world so small that establishing and developing employer as a brand of choice showcasing why the best talent should apply to their companies needs to be defined.

Another importand aspect of building a good employer brand is Stumilating Employee Productivity. When employee experiences the reality of “brand promise” upon joining, they align themselves with the values of an organisation better, thus being a part of the big picture and greater purpose thus laying foundation stone towards an engaged workforce.

Ambience definitely adds on to the public image of a restaurant, Similarly advantages of distinct employer branding strategy is evident.  The consistent communication of corporate vision and culture helps a business find the right people, retain good performers and GROW, both internally and externally. It enhances the External reputation of an organisation when the employees become the brand ambassdor who communicate the value and mission of the organisation to their professional and personal network.

A job seeker accepting a job offer based on his acceptance of an employer based on his personal allignment with the employer brand, automatically retention becomes stonger as compared to someone who rather out of desperation, spurring acceptance of a job offer with just any company.

PROMETHEUS CONSULTING can help you declare an employer brand, We provides excellent advice for the starters, Crucial first steps include contemplating business needs, identifying target groups, establishing performance metrics and formulating effective messaging.

PROMETHEUS CONSULTING is a talent networking platform providing contingency recruitment solutions along with RPO and branding stratergy to Apparel Export and Retail Industry.

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Friday, 27 May 2016 18:48

Massimo Dutti debuts in India

Store design | Interiors & VM | Fixtures: The new Massimo Dutti store concept is based on a progressive evolution of the original boutique style. The change is based primarily on finishes and shapes for warmer, more contemporary spaces and environments. Walnut wood, brass, leather and dark marble are the dominant materials in the new architectural design that blends modern lines and classic details - the signature of Massimo Dutti.

About the company: Massimo Dutti was created in 1985 in Spain, and was originally limited to menswear. In 1995, it launched its first womenswear collection, with a variety of styles from casual to sophisticated and timeless. Today, it has a commercial presence in 73 countries between Europe, America and Asia with over 755 stores.

The chain belongs to the Inditex Group, one of the largest fashion retailers in the world with over 7,013 stores in 88 markets. In addition to Massimo Dutti, Inditex owns seven other fashion chains: Zara, Pull&Bear, Bershka, Stradivarius, Oysho, Zara Homeand Uterqüe. (HO)

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