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Employer Branding

Employer Branding (19)

Employer Brand is a term we commonly use to discribe an organisation's reputation as an employer.

Save time and money

The recruitment process is tedious and very time-consuming. So, big organizations hire recruitment agencies to save time and money as they complete the initial steps of the recruitment process on behalf of firms through very cost-effective solutions.

Have access to the best talent

Staffing agencies have a pool of good talents, this includes candidates who are currently finding jobs and thinking about changing their jobs. Prometheus Consulting helped many businesses to hire the best talent helping organizations to grow.

Get Expert Legal opinions

Recruitment laws are too complex, and the chances of misunderstandings are more. Thus, it is better to hire recruitment agencies as they are up to date with the laws around hiring.

Industry Expertise

A good recruitment agency has specialist recruiters for specific fields. Always hire a staffing agency that is an expert in the industry considering it would have a deep knowledge of the market, which is required to be successful.

Assist in business growth

Recruitment agencies always prefer to shortlist only those candidates who help in the growth of the organization.



Prometheus Consulting aims at fulfilling your recruitment needs by finding the best talent in the industry who help in the growth of your organization.

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There’s no denying the fact that the COVID-19 lockdown has affected each and every industry in some way or the other. However, the kind of effect it has had on the Tourism and Hospitality industry was pretty much unheard of. The cases are rising every day, and though we have a decent success rate of those being treated, India still stands as the fifth-highest country with numbers on the rise. In such a scenario, while the efforts taken by the Central government are much appreciated, the loss faced by certain industries and employees look far from expected.

Here’s how the Hospitality industry in India works- Most Chain of Hotels is self-funded, you hardly get an investor for hotels. Customer goodwill and positive reviews are the major sources of daily operations. Now more often than never, independent seekers buy a property or land, invest in a renovation to convert it into a hotel, and manage to accomplish daily activities with their own staff.

From where we see it, there’s hardly going to be any inbound tourism in the country for another three months at least, which means while the Tourism industry has almost collapsed, Hospitality may partially revive owing to the demand for domestic tourism. Tourism and Hospitality being interdependent on each other. Hoteliers anticipate that the coming time period is going to be really tough for the Hospitality industry with no definite vision of recovery.

As far as foreseeing the impact of lockdown on the Hospitality sector is concerned, even if the domestic industry revives by October 2020, losses close to 25 percent have to be bored by the Operators. Since the traveled insights cannot be gauged yet it will not be easy to predict consumer behavior post the lockdown is over. Apart from health and hygiene, sanitation will be a major concern for those traveling, and until the Hotel takes every traveler into confidence, it is highly unlikely that they would get a good review especially in these times.
As the first phase of Unlock 1.0 activates across the country, hospitality services including hotels and restaurants remain technically prohibited, if not officially, throughout the country. Most surveys conducted by IG food bloggers showed results wherein 90% of people prefer Home deliveries rather than Dining in options as of now. The impetus of Lockdown is going to affect the jobs of all those who are associated with the Hotel and restaurants chains day in and day out, like- Housekeeping, security guards, waiters, and a good percentage of delivery services as well.
In an article published by the Economic Times, NRAI [National Restaurant Association of India) President Anurag Katriar mentioned that considering most big cities are red zones they did not expect the lifting of lockdown to affect them in a good way. However, the hospitality industry employs 7.3 million people. If 30% of them lose jobs it would account for 2 million losing their jobs, and the country cannot afford that. With each passing day, and no respite from the government the ability to reopen restaurants is getting diminished, he added.
With the recovery rate for patients increasing to 52.95% we can only hope that life goes back to normal by the end of this quarter, or else the logjam will result in shutting down of various restaurants and medium-budget hotels.



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If you have been feeling or dealt with it in the past, you would know how overwhelming stress can be. Work stress can be good if it motivates you to perform better but can be equally bad if it hinders your ability to perform. While a lot of factors contribute to the work stress you experience on a daily basis, the way it affects your body can show up in the form of physical, mental, and emotional health.

Depression on the other hand is a rather serious mental condition that is long-lasting and not temporary, unlike work stress. Both Depression and Stress can affect you in a similar way, but there are a couple of key differences between Stress and Depression.

- With stress you are likely to have trouble concentrating on anything you do on a daily basis- like troubled sleep, loss or gain of appetite, feeling overwhelmed all the time.

- Depression shows more intense symptoms as compared to stress which could be withdrawal from gatherings or meeting people, lack of motivation to perform even a daily task, Disturbed sleep patterns, feeling restless all the time, and feeling bad about oneself all the time, and most importantly feeling suicidal.

It’s normal to go through work stress for everyone. However, once you start feeling bad about yourself or have trouble functioning even in your personal life, here’s something you can do to overcome work-related depression…

Seek Help

The most difficult part is to accept and acknowledge depression for oneself. Once you have done that, know that you’ll be well soon and your treatment has begun. Talk to a friend or someone close. If that doesn’t seem ok, take therapy, or go for a Helpline number. You can be as open as you wish considering the person on the other side is a complete stranger and you don’t have to think about him/her judging you.

Set Goals

Depression, work-related, or not makes you lose focus. In order to keep your lifestyle as normal as possible set daily goals for yourself. Create a list for the day and make the most of the time and energy you have to accomplish those goals. Break down big projects into small steps and give yourself the much-needed break.

Don’t be a Self-critic

Be patient, and wait for the right opportunity to impress your Boss. There’s no harm analyzing a situation for yourself. Meanwhile, avoid judging yourself for any success or failure you’ve had recently at work. Comparing yourself to what any of your colleague’s accomplishments is going to do no good, because Depression or not, everybody has their own way of performing and success doesn’t come to all at the same time. Remind yourself of that and stop forcing yourself to do better.

Physical Element for Desk

There is a reason why people spruce up their work desk with greens and lights. You see, a bright green or a small lightbox simulates serotonin in your body, which results in uplifting your mood. Sit by the window and try to get as much sun rays as possible. A growing Green is a symbol of hope, hope that tomorrow there will be some growth in the plant which may not be visible usually but when looked at after a week or ten days, you’d easily notice how silently it has grown.


One of the basics of success is prioritizing what matters the most at the moment. And honestly, there’s nothing that replaces health at the top. Your mental and physical wellbeing are equally important, and aren’t they the greatest asset you possess?



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In general, if there were anything affecting your confidence level in a not-so-good-way we would have advised you to fight it really hard, lest it costs you big time. But we are no more in usual times, are we? Territories have been locked down and with an economy that’s at its lowest in the past decade, could there still be things working in your favor?
Typically, March to May would be the time when one of the days you are expected to sit down and explain to your senior- your learnings and success stories from the past financial year. Companies from various industries like Hotel and Tourism, Aviation, Exports, and so on have begun to lay off employees as a result of the lockdown due to COVID-19. In such a scenario when people are losing jobs with no fault of theirs, is it wrong to think of all that effort you put into your work for more than 12 months? Let’s find out.
According to a report by Korn Ferry, as mentioned by the Business Standard, nearly 36 percent of companies in India are considering opting out of salary hikes, as a cost-cutting method. While no one expected anything of this magnitude to affect industries all over, what also cannot be ignored is everyone has contributed to lifting the situation in their own way.
Recruitment firms in India for Executive and Leadership roles say that leaders are trying everything to survive the crisis. Know that everyone is in the same boat as you are. They have put in the effort and learned a good bit. So no, there’s nothing wrong in expecting a hike, but NOW- may not be the time.
41 percent of companies have still not decided if they will be able to pay increments this year, but 24.6 percent are certain for NO HIKE this year. 17.2 percent of companies to reduce increments and an equal percentage will continue increments like before- The Hindu Business.
The article published by Business Standard mentioned that communicative and action-oriented leadership is of utmost necessity right now to make team members feel secure. Hike or not, this could be something that favors you in the long term.
Just in case you are offered compensation, make sure you take the middle path which is less than expected but guaranteed to be higher than their offer. That way, you end up getting a hike, while being on the considerate side.
Expecting a hike is not wrong, but in the current situation maybe you should just be patient and observe the market for a while. Prometheus Consulting, one of the best recruitment firms in Delhi offers specialized solutions for hiring in the Hospitality, Retail, and Semiconductor industry. To know more about the current scenario of jobs, hikes and more, log on to

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They say change is the only constant. But does it hold true for all situations? Change, rather an unexpected change isn’t something that companies and employees simply embrace. Adapting to changes at your workplace or a new workplace all together is a skill that recruiters look for.
In a situation when the whole world is dealing with the effects of a pandemic, the world economy is affected badly. Job markets have started to shrink, companies are undergoing unwelcome changes like the failure of a recently launched product, contract-workers industry, and probable layoffs, the stress on Team Leaders have increased many folds. However, in any event as mentioned above, Leaders are expected to take charge and hold together until the problem has a sure-shot solution. And that is what we’ll be talking about here. In these times of crisis, are you the leader your team looks forward to?

Involve teamwork

When talking about leading an ongoing project through limited resources or crisis, a leader’s mindset matters the most. Drive your team through the crisis safely, just like the person behind the steering in a car. Your team needs to know you are all in it together and involve their participation as much.

Transparency is no joke

Make sure you inform your team of a probable situation that could affect their jobs. As a Team Lead you are expected to be communicative. Team members and others see you with great respect, for they come to understand that you are concerned. 


Yes, it is difficult in normalcy and in times like these when the whole world has sought to virtual Team meetings. It is okay to feel pulled in many directions, but don’t start isolating yourself to avoid that. Whether you were hired as a C-level Executive or a senior-level manager delegate tasks to your team like you’d do it before- well planned and thought about.

Figure what’s working

Every firm has things going right, and then there are things going not as expected. Maybe it’s a process, communication issue, or an imbalance between timings for team members. You need to analyze what’s working the best for you by keeping a note of the production and productivity. Always, think about things you’d want to mention once the pandemic fear is over.

Practice what you preach

Transition is not easy. You may have a good rapport with clients from abroad but know that the businesses that involve physical presence like exports will probably be affected for a long time from now. Preaching one thing and practicing the other will not help with a good impression. Slow down and understand the situation now, and analyze what’s to come in the coming months.

As one of the best-known recruitment firms in Delhi, Prometheus Consulting acknowledges the importance of Leaders in every company. Specialists in C-level and Managerial Hiring in Retail, Fashion, Semiconductors, and Manufacturing industries we aim at bringing jobs to the right candidate and vice-versa, so either can grow with the other.

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Novel Coronavirus has brought a list of challenges and obstacles that we couldn't anticipate. The Lockdown to curb the spread of the COVID-19 virus has affected businesses all over the world. So, in times of crisis, it's best for leaders to help their teams to be productive, engaged, inspired, and supported.

Here's a list of things to do to keep your team motivated while working from Home.

if infographic 26 may 20


Be an effective leader. The world needs good leadership now, and it starts from you.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has turned the world of jobs and employment upside down. There has emerged a great deal of uncertainty in most industries- Hospitality and Tourism topping the list. While there have been reports of a major decrease in the global job market, India seems to have a strong fight against the whole scenario.

Of course, you can’t control laying off an entire team, but there could be a few steps you could take to make yourself a candidate that is on the safer side. Here’s how you can start

Be Adaptable

Adapting to difficult situations shows how flexible you are. As a part of your job, you will be expected to meet the needs of changing circumstances and that is exactly what you’ll be analyzed for. Volunteer on taking tasks to help your employer succeed in uncertain times.

Go with the flow

With virtual meetings and the whole office-going population being totally dependent on the internet, you will be expected to do things you didn’t have to when going to your workplace. Consider this as an opportunity to demonstrate how flexible you are.

Lifelong Learner

Pandemic or no pandemic, there has always been a monitor to check your zeal to learn about new things. Working from Home saves your travel time and adds to help you learn quickly. If there’s any skill you had been wanting to work on for long, now may be the time to acquire it.


It is not easy to simply dwell into a Home-office space after years of a multi-departmental functioning office. And that’s why networking is important right now. You need to assure your teammates and your Team leader (if applicable) that all of you are in the same boat, making a positive impact in these times of uncertainty.

Make a surge in Soft Skills

Soft Skills are in great demand for employers ( during the lockdown. Empathy, communication, and team building can not only give people around you a good feeling but will also answer how to secure your job during the lockdown.


What we are going through and what’s going to happen may not be in our hands and it’s natural to crave for security and stability in such times. But we must try and put our best foot forward to strengthen our position in tough times.


If you are looking for an opportunity with the best companies in India, Prometheus Consulting can help you with recruitment. We offer PAN India customized staffing solutions for Executive and Senior Level hiring.

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Coronavirus Lockdown may result in job cuts and salary cuts of senior and Middle-level employees in India. COVID 19 pandemic has impacted many industries such as retail, hospitality, manufacturing, and many more. This is an infographic by Prometheus Consulting, one of the best recruitment firms in Delhi, outlines the unemployment rate, and how many industries impacted due to coronavirus.
Coronavirus Lockdown 11 May 20

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With the uncertainty of the lockdown during to COIVD-19 pandemic, a lot of companies have begun the process of hiring remotely. While they are still struggling to find a way to balance their existing recruiting levels with the restrictions, candidates are also struggling. Yet, neither of them is taking a break.

Who knows whether the talent pool would be available by then or not? Though there may not be as many opportunities in the market, companies cannot sure that they will be able to recruit the best talent if they wait until after.

The Best Talent is Now Accessible

If the management can make a few changes to the hiring process and employees start recruiting from remote locations, it is in the best interest of the company to go ahead and hire new talent. The top cream talent, which isn’t usually available in the market, is now searching for opportunities. Steer them to your company instead.

Yes! Candidates are Searching for Jobs

Don’t make the mistake of deciding that candidates are not looking for jobs because of the pandemic. Just like everyone else, they are also making a few important decisions. Shifting jobs is one of them. The search for new jobs has increased during the last month. If the company is capable of handling the current economic situation, it should start remote hiring immediately and attract the best talent out there.

Don’t Ignore the Cost Advantage

One thing companies cannot forget is the amount of money involved in the recruiting process. By moving on to remote hiring, the cost of setting up the interview is almost nil. No one needs to travel from one place to another. The interviewer and the candidate will be in their respective houses, using their devices for the purpose.


Telephone and video interviews are easier to fix than face to face interviews. The interviewer has better a chance of interviewing more candidates remotely. While technology can be an issue at times, don’t let it come in the way of hiring the best during the lockdown.


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Employer branding is a modern concept and it is very essential for all businesses. As it shows a company’s reputation as an employer and what organizations offer to their workers. Positive employer branding assists to engage and retain the best talent who is vital to the growth of the firm.

WhatsApp Image 2020 04 29 at 5.25.31 PM

Here are six facts and statistics that every company must know about job seekers

64% of workers leave their job

There can be many reasons behind this trend such as insecurity, lack of autonomy, no opportunity for growth in their career, not being appreciated or recognized, bad relation with management or colleagues. When the workforce does not use their skills properly at workplaces, they face failures and lack of confidence.

Therefore, retaining the best talent is as challenging as hiring a new one. As retaining current workers is cost-effective and less time consuming than recruiting new candidates. So, many companies started improving their strategies to retain their best talent in their firms.

69% of the workforce do their best if get recognition

Workers who feel appreciated at their work areas would not hesitate to do extra work for their organization. So, companies started appreciating their workers for increasing productivity at workplaces.

84% of candidates first check the reputation of firm

Of course, a company's reputation is important as all candidates first search the company's profile online while making a decision on where to apply for a job.

50% of job seekers don't work for a company whose reputation is poor

In order to attract the best talent, companies need to improve their reputation by designing an engaging career page, giving strong job descriptions.

92 % of workers can change their job if they get job of higher level

Most of the employees would quit their job if they get a chance to work at a managerial level with a company whose reputation is excellent.

9 out of 10 aspirants apply for a job if a company’s employer brand is actively maintained

Employer's brand is the top priority for all aspirants that is why they check the social sites and their websites to check the brand value. If they are satisfied with the company’s brand they apply, otherwise they find another organization for work.

Therefore, it is mandatory for companies to maintain their employer brand by responding to reviews and messages as well as giving job seekers an engaging preview of their work environment.

Overall, employer branding is significant for all companies, especially recruitment agencies for attracting top candidates and retaining quality employees who are very crucial for the growth of their firms.

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